House 01: Day 51

Previous Day: Day 50

Day 51 (Monday)

Both Daisy and Marc are glad that this “holiday” is over.

While eating French Toast, Daisy discovers that fame is a fickle friend … here one day and gone the next.

Another day with the same old routine: school and work.

Daisy decides to delve into a cold case instead of heading out to a new crime scene.

Progress hits a little snag when the analyzer breaks down.

Daisy is back on track and managing to make up for lost time.

She refreshes her memory of what to look for before issuing the APB.

“Attention! The suspect was last seen at Pectoral Fitness in Del Sol Valley.”

Akito Maeda matches the description and Daisy brings him in for questioning.

Fingerprints, check. Mugshot, check. Time to start the interview with an unimpressed suspect.

Denial. Disbelief. Determination. Daisy has seen it all.

His misdirection misfires and Daisy shoots off question after question, along with showing indisputable evidence. Mr Maeda has met his match and issues a full confession. Case closed!

Her star has started shining once more but Daisy isn’t keen on actively pursuing it. She has other things to focus on: her career and her son.

Time to head home.

It’s nice having a Welcome Wagon waiting for you at the curb! Daisy offers homework help and pup playtime after checking on her garden.

Marc asks for advice on being treated as an adult. Daisy lets him know that he will always be her baby.

Apparently the warmer weather saps energy and appetite. They head to bed early after a light supper of grilled fruit.

Their bank balance is looking good.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 52

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